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About DeveLAWp

DeveLAWp Association was founded in July 2014, being a NGO entirely dedicated to the youth professional development, encouraging young people to develop the necessary skills needed on the labor market.

Being a new NGO, we consider that time is priceless, so we develop a set of activities and projects to help young people realize their full potential and support them in the transition into adulthood.

Motto: develop through law knowledge


Our projects and activities point to concrete objectives such as the personal and professional development and support granted to the counseling and training processes for the young people. We aim to help young people to become competitive on the labor market and find a job after graduation. Regarding its organization and functioning, DeveLAWp Association seeks to achieve the necessary needs of the labor market integration of young people through non-formal education, multiculturalism in a global context, competitiveness on the labor market, complex and continuous social, educational, leadership and personal development. Our organization relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination.

The main partner in achieving our goals is Enachescu & Associates law firm which supports and encourages us in our projects.

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