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Dandelions testimonials

Georgiana Popa
- intern Law Internship

„I am proud and happy that I had the honor to participate in this internship and be part of the DeveLAWp project. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see closely the legal profession, with all the implications that derive from it. I'm glad I was part of a great team of people open and willing to learn and be taught in their turn. I'm glad I had thing to manage and my work was appreciated. I'm glad I learned what a team is and what it means to work in a team, both in the office and outside the office. I am glad that I had fun in the days of Casual Friday.
I'm glad I was greeted with open arms, and thank you for this internship Enachescu and Associates, for what I learned, and the wonderful people I've met."

Nicoleta Adina Manolescu
- intern Law Internship

„DeveLAWp program is designed specifically for those who want" to taste a slice of the legal profession "and to become familiar with its taste. Although, the two months in which took place the SCA Enachescu and Associates internship  have passed quickly, we had enough time to integrate and be part of the team, and together we worked on exciting projects under the direction of company lawyers, who have fulfilled the duties assumed as mentors with a lot of dedication.
Excellent ability to relate to our mentors and special situations we face daily, made ​​the time spent in the office to go faster than I would have I thought, often spending extra hours with my colleagues discussing a case that we encountered during the program, without any obligation.
To conclude I am thanking the organizers for this opportunity and encouraging all those interested to apply for an internship at SCA Enachescu and Associates.”

Razvan Constantinescu
- intern Law Internship

„My name is Razvan Andrei Constantinescu and I am a student of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest in the 4th year.
My experience at Enachescu & Associates began in July 2014, just two days after the summer exam session and it was probably the most exciting way to spend the summer before finishing my last year at law.
I say “thank you” to the team for all the lessons Enachescu and Associates gave me: law, fellowship, and friendship, and I am happy and flattered at the same time that my first steps into the world of business law have been set forth in the villa from the Entrance Margareta. So says the company's motto: “Ellegant business”, we worked with beautiful, elegant, true professionals lawyers.
Future interns, there are waiting for you two beautiful months in which you must assimilate as much information as you can, and in exchange, you only have to provide good mood and labor.”

Lorena Soare
- intern Law PR Internship

The DeveLAWp program gave me my first internship and an experience I will never forget, since it was the first one. In a few words, DeveLAWp means: ambition, desire, smiles, respect, work, crazy ideas, seriousness, fun, elegant, collegiality, teamwork, heat, news... get down to business: the summer internship!”

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