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About DeveLAWp

DeveLAWp Association was founded in July 2014, being a NGO entirely dedicated to the youth professional development, encouraging young people to develop the necessary skills needed on the labor market.

Being a new NGO, we consider that time is priceless, so we develop a set of activities and projects to help young people realize their full potential and support them in the transition into adulthood....

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The story of the DANDELION


DANDELION is just you! Yes, you young man eager to grow, curious and talented, you young man who want to display his qualities and also want to discover new skills that you don’t know you’re capable of. So begins your story…
It all started in one warm day when the young DANDELION easily removed her yellow head from the ground and makes the first contact with the beautiful Land Under the Sun...

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DeveLAWp Internship program
DeveLAWp internship program is the Enachescu & Associates law firm CSR project made by DeveLAWp Association. DeveLAWp is an internships program that aims to support the development of young people in order to acquire practical skills required in the labor market.

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Session applications

Session applications:
       September 20 - October 10, 2014

Next internship program:
       October 20 - December 20, 2014

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