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Internship program DeveLAWp / Law-PR Internship

LAW - PR Internship – addresses to students in communication faculties in Romania (PR, Journalism, Advertising). The novelty of this stage consists in the idea that young people will gain knowledge in the field of the litigation PR.

The internship is unpaid, but rewarded with the benefits of personal and professional development supported by Enachescu & Associates law firm (refresher trainings, workshops, placement in partner  legal institutions, youth exchange etc.)


Mentorship throughout the internship.
Possition: intern
Period: minimum 2 months, maximum as you want ...
Flexible schedule: M-F 4h / day depending on your schedule

Law-PR INTERNSHIP structure:
A. Learn (30 min. Instruction) - youth mentors explain the theoretical concepts of tasks and objectives to be attained in the day, giving them the updated information useful in practical skills further.
B. Do - young people put into practice the concepts taught, contribute to achieving the goals given by  their mentors that day (3 hours half).


?   Casual Friday – The internship will take place in a creative environment (botanical garden, park, library, teahouse, etc.) to stimulate the creativity of the young people. In the Casual Friday mentors will organize moot and various legal situations so that interns will discover the beauty of the legal profession.


Interns will benefit from workshops on various topics such as writing a creative CV, opportunities of international mobility, the importance of volunteering, global competition indices of graduates in the labor market, etc.


1. At the end of the internship, the interns will receive a certificate of practice in which will be past all activities undertaken during the hours of practice. The novelty is that in the certificate will be listed punctual all activities conducted in the internship program demonstrating, in this way, all the practical skills they acquired during the internship.
2. Work recommendation provided by the mentor trainee.




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