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For young / Become a DeveLAWp member

What does it means to be a DeveLAWper?
We are looking for young, enthusiastic, determined people to be involved in identifying and solving the problems of youth, eager to gain practical skills in the field of study and more!

Twice a year, according to the schedules and the number of members we recruit young people to become Develawpers.



  • ?   You get involved in the proposal of real youth problems and then, together with the team you will find suitable solutions to solve them;
  • ?   You will work as a team member to provide internship programs and useful solutions for professional and personal development of youth;
    ?   You can participate in one of DeveLAWp internships;
    ?   You can be organize events and plan projects organized together with the DeveLAWp Association;;


If you have questions you can contact us by email: office@develawp.ro




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