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How can we collaborate?
DeveLAWp team frame strategic solutions for solving the problems of youth as a reliable partner for both young people and companies.

  • ?   You get involved in social projects for young people, increasing competitiveness, leadership and entrepreneurship potential and develop innovative solutions for your business.
    ?   Save time and resources
    ?   DeveLAWp Interns go through rigorous selection filters.  You will receive recruitment support so in the end you will get in contact with young talented and determined people how want to learn and become professionals;
    ?   You are part of a team involved in solving the problems of youth.  
    Employer Branding
    DeveLAWp Association develops projects and awareness campaigns dedicated to youth problem solving, managing to remain a real help for businesses and young people. In the events we organize workshops and trainings in which you can accomplish offering young people the opportunity to get in contact directly with your company.
    We organize campaigns and events on social and professional issues, dedicated to both companies and youth. To find out more information about our projects please contact us at office@develawp.ro.

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