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The story of the DANDELION


DANDELION is just you! Yes, you young man eager to grow, curious and talented, you young man who want to display his qualities and also want to discover new skills that you don’t know you’re capable of.
So begins your story…
It all started in one warm day when the young DANDELION easily removed her yellow head from the ground and makes the first contact with the beautiful Land Under the Sun. And as she stood so proudly in the sun, she was approached by a child. He looked at her, looked closely at her, turned her on all sides and in the end he threw her away. He could not find anything interesting and valuable in her. So, our DANDELION gets very upset on the child and she sets out to conquer not only his heart but the hearts of all children in the world. Therefore, DANDELION enrolled in a continuous training program, and with all her determination tried to overcome any obstacle in her way. First, she went to Mr. Snail who was  the director of the school.  Mr. Snail, a connoisseur of books and literature accepted the young DANDELION in its classes along with other flowers, insects and small creatures from the Land Under the Sun. After several years of training, DANDELION became an educated flower. She thought then that it's not enough to know only the theory, and therefore she took her courage in both hands and went straight to the Mrs. Ant’s company to learn how to apply the knowledge she has. At first, Mrs. Ant refused DANDELION. Seeing the disappointment in its petals, Mrs. Ant agreed to give her a chance and take young DANDELION to its training courses. Along with other flowers, insects and small creatures, DANDELION began to apply the theoretical concepts learned from Mr. Snail. At Mrs. Ant company work wasn’t quite easy. Every day, young DANDELION learned to respect deadlines, be diligent and always want to know more. Seeing the DANDELION curiosity and determination, Mrs. Ant presented her to the heads of the Anthill department.  They loved her immediately and agreed to be her mentors.  Thus, DANDELION began to learn to value her own skills, managing projects, and she even become a leader among other creatures of the Anthill. Thanks to the DANDELION results, Mrs. Ant recommend her to the Queen Ant who made DANDELION manager on one of the Anthill departments. Time passed and young DANDELION grew visibly.  She grew in a day as flowers do in a month. So, in a warm morning day on the way to Anthill, DANDELION began to see her yellow petals falling and instead, there were rising some white, fluffy and transparent stems that looked like little glowing stars. Soon, the whole head was covered by such little fluffy stars.  Joyful,   DANDELION started running to the Anthill to give the news to Mrs. Ant. In all the rush, DANDELION hit the leg of a child who was playing in the grass. Remembering the past experience, DANDELION heart began to beat like a drum: boom – boom. The child smiled and lifted her in his soft hands. Looking at her, the child said, "How beautiful you are DANDELION! The fluffy little stars of yours will be the joy for all the kids here." And then, in an instant, the child breathed heavily on DANDELION. All her glowing stems flew, creating a rainbow of smiles that covered the land. Seeing all the children’s joy, DANDELION started crying with happiness tears and in that moment she realized that now all her work to develop herself was finally appreciated.

From the thick grass, you could hear the applause of the small living creatures from the Land Under the Sun. Mrs. Ant and Mr. Snail were very proud of their apprentice. Their work has paid off, and DANDELION became a respected entrepreneur in the Land Under the Sun.

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