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For young / Why getting involved in DeveLAWp projects?

Get involved in DeveLAWp projects means to have some amazing and vibrant experiences. Let's imagine, even for a moment, that we could be super heroes to some, support for others, colleagues, friends, team members. All this is possible through volunteering, through involvement and desire to change something in this world, in this society, in the city where we live. Millions of young people around the world want to produce change and therefore they take action, they get involved and so, they create a better world.

In DeveLAWp, young people are the ones who put the country on track; there are those who find solutions to the problems that affect their generation and together make their path safer, more favorable in their careers. Firstly, DeveLAWp means developing. We believe that a harmonious development must contain three elements: study, practice and volunteering. Being part of the DeveLAWp projects you will learn how to put into practice the concepts learned in faculty, how you can get involved in the community, and last but not least, you learn how to keep your joy and goodness of heart.


To be a volunteer, it is very important to understand right from the start the meanings of volunteering. Volunteering is an activity performed voluntarily, because you want to get involved, you want to help, to support the community and you do not expect financial remuneration. DeveLAWp team consists of volunteers eager to produce change,- and we are proud to be involved in solving the problems of our generation.


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